Joharlen oversees student services and wellness at Charette. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Rhode Island College before beginning her career working with families and children. She has many years of experience working with individuals as an agent of support and guidance. Being a first generation college graduate she understands the importance of an education in breaking the generational cycle of poverty. “My parents told me I was capable, and I was.” It is her hope to assist her students in breaking those barriers and becoming beacons of hope in their families and communities. In addition to her many duties at Charette, she volunteers as a RI Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in state foster care and serves on the board of directors for Grand Flourish, a non- profit organization in RI . What she loves most about Charette is supporting and encouraging students to face their challenges and appreciate their progress. Additionally, she takes great pride in providing quality support and services to assist all students in reaching their greatest potential. Joharlen is currently pursuing her Masters of Education in School Counseling at Providence College and hopes to continue inspiring students to be the best they can.