Charette High School FAQ

Charette High School FAQ

Since the school is located in Providence, do you have to live in Providence to attend?
Yes, the school is located in Providence and open only to Providence families.

How do you enroll?
First, you have to complete our electronic version of the RIDE application. It’s very easy and automatic. However, like all other RI Charter Schools we will have a lottery if there are more applicants than seats available. The school is looking for 84 students in year one. The school cannot grow to more than 168 students.

Is there tuition to attend?
No, Charette High School is a tuition free public school open to any high school student in Rhode Island.

Is a Charter School a public school?
Yes, we meet every indicator of “public.” The school is tuition free, offering a free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs, open to everyone by applying to a blind lottery, welcoming of all students, hiring only certified teachers, accountable to the State, assessed by SAT, receiving Federal Funds, funded by state and local dollars, and responsible to the students, families, and taxpayers.

What kind of school experience will Charette give its students?

Charette is a four-year high school which will use the Summit Curricular model in its college prep program. Our themes of Urban Planning and Historic Preservation are the way in which Charette students engage the community and learn to become participants in civic affairs and problem solvers and critical thinkers. Charette is not a school specifically designed for students who want to become architects or planners. We’d like it if that passion was fostered by Charette, but we’re realistic. Any student who wants a four-year college prep high school experience in a small, safe, and supportive environment would love Charette. The theme of urban planning and historic preservation will get our students into the community all the time working on cool projects as part of their school day and experience!

Can I play sports?
Yes, because we will be members of the Interscholastic League student-athletes can play sports for the city school they would have attended or where the PPSD places them.

What type of student should apply to attend the school?
Any student who is lives in Providence and is entering grade 9 and 10 in 2018/2019 should apply.

Is transportation offered?
Yes, to families that are in need, the school will buy a RIPTA monthly bus pass. However, at a cost of $70.00 per month we ask that only families who truly need a pass request one. Also, please know that “need” is not caused by “distance to school” alone. We know there are many factors which create the need for a bus pass but please just ask for one if the pass is really needed. Schools and families working together to find solutions can assist in protecting the school’s budget.

Are there uniforms?
Yes, there is a uniform policy which is both kid and parent friendly. Designated clothing is available through the school store, including tops and approved sweatpants. Recommended tan pants or (khaki color) can be purchased outside of school. Every student and family should know that the uniform should be worn neatly and with respect shown to the school and its citizens. The logo must be visible. Wearing a coat or hat inside during the school day is not allowed.

What types of courses will a student take? 
The school’s College Prep program of study aligns with the RI Department of Education’s graduation requirements. There is a total of 26 credits that can be earned, and portfolio and capstone credits are included in the total of 26. Charette is a Summit School by design.

Will there be Parents Organizations or other type of night activities?
Yes, but due to our central downtown location and a lack of parking, night activities take an extra level of commitment from families.

Will it be a “full High School” experience?

While Charette is a small school by design, we intend to a variety of activities, clubs, and events. It is hard to say right now what clubs will emerge, however, the school is going to be a vibrant community and extra-curricular activities, dances, night events and trips will all be part of being a Charette student.

If you have a general question email Dr. Pilkington and Dr. Vespia: