About Our School

Mission Statement:

Charette exists to inspire students:

Core Purpose:

Providence has been referred to as the “Design Capital” and, as such, serves as a perfect location for Charette with its theme of urban planning.  As long as people have a propensity to adapt and reshape their environments, urban planning and historic preservation will remain a self-perpetuating theme. Charette connect students to the future and past while challenging them in the present. The creation of a citizenry aware of the complexities of effective communication and collaboration, design-thinking and planning is as critical to our country’s survival in the 21st Century (Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2017) as the creation of an educated and literate citizenry was to our country’s success as a World Leader and democracy in the 20th Century. Currently, urban planning concerns, such as the I195 tract, the IN Bank Building (aka Superman), the Rhodemap Plan, the future of Providence’s Waterfront, new mass transit systems and spaces, port expansion, preserving open space, increasing capacity of ground water runoff containment and crumbling infrastructure and neighborhood revitalization are all issues which need smart answers, and smarter citizens, to help solve them.

Charette’s Guiding Principles:

Program Highlights:

An Overview of the School’s Educational Program:  Charette is a small high school which serves Providence students through a blended learning program and a thematic focus on Urban Planning and Preservation Arts. The Summit Learning Program, which includes access to the Summit Learning Platform, a comprehensive curriculum, in-person professional development and ongoing support is used within the school’s blocked schedule to support core content academics and theme-based mission. Project-based and community-based learning are a priority with weekly opportunities for field work. The school’s core content teachers are supported by the position of Community Partnerships Coordinator who has experience in either urban planning or preservation arts/architecture.

A Description of the Unique Features and Mission Specific Focus: Real-world examples of Urban Planning and Historic Preservation is worked on in charette, a collaborative problem-solving session.  Theme integration is the responsibility of a blended educator corps certified subject area teachers and support staff working with designers, community organizers, planners, and architects.

Governance and Management:  The Board of Trustees operates as a school board while employing the structure of a non-profit board. The nine-member board is comprised of two parents, a DaVinci Center representative, five members from the educational or non-profit sectors, and one professional planner or architect. School administration will outsource finance and benefits operations to professionals to guard against internal fraud or error. The board will operates in accordance to its by-laws and state and federal regulations.

Teaching, Support, and Supervision: Core content teachers work in teams with a class-size of twenty-one. Teachers are supported by an educational staff who are Planners and architects and supervision is performed by certified and trained administrator in the latest version of EPSS through RIDEMap.

Organizational Plan and Relationships with Organizations:  Charette is a self-operating public charter school with 501(c)3 status and with no Essential Partner. Universities, businesses, and other non-profit organizations, focused on shared missions and student learning, have expressed, through dialogue and letters of support, their commitment to strong partnerships.

Ultimate Hopes of Charette:  Through engaged learning surrounding land use and historic preservation, Charette students will become empowered to enhance their community, culturally and economically, now and in the future.